SM City North EDSA’s Sky Garden


It feels like that every time I go back to SM City North EDSA, there would be changes. Going to different parts of SM City North EDSA is like traveling through time. It’s like going back to high school days when you’re in the oldest part of SM. When you go to The Block or to the CyberZone, you’ll see the refreshing modern look. And now, here comes the Sky Garden, a combination of the now and nature which I find attractive in the midst of the busy EDSA.


Going out to the Sky Garden from The Block is like going to another dimension. I’m fascinated with the roofs of the walkway. Its shape is modern. The walkway path is tiled with SM branding all over it. And beside the walkway path is the green grass, which is relaxing to the eyes.


There are also some parts of the Sky Garden that would have a mini pond of some stones. By the way, in the above photo, Starbucks will open around that area. 😉 And who would think that you’re in the heart of EDSA with that eh? 😀

Sky Garden at SM City North EDSA

Aside from Sky Garden’s cozy ambiance, it’s a first for SM to have their own amphitheater. They call it the “Sky Dome”.


The Sky Dome has a seating capacity of around 1,200 people. At daytime, the amphitheater itself is already well-lit with half of the dome covered with glass. I like how they’ve incorporated conservation of energy with the design of the dome.

Inside the Sky Dome

The Sky Garden at SM City North EDSA’s gave a whole new look to the mall and will give you a refreshing experience. At daytime you’ll see the greens from afar but at night, you’ll see great lighting around the Sky Garden. Too bad I don’t have pictures of it at night. 🙂

Author: Karla Redor

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9 thoughts on “SM City North EDSA’s Sky Garden”

  1. It’s nice to know more malls are incorporating eco-friendly designs in their architectures. When would the government follow suit? 😉

  2. I’m excited to visit the place sometime next week. I live just five minutes away from SM North and yet I haven’t had the time recently. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  3. Wow. It’s been three years since I last visited SM North EDSA.

    I remember then when I was a kid, it was the only mall that we would go to. That time going to the mall means buying new school supplies or new Christmas outfit. But now it’s all different, suited for a lifestyle.

  4. Thanks for your comments guys… my comment is, why is it that if Wi-Fi is free around SM City North Edsa “The Block” why are power outlets installed in posts or walls nearby coffee shops and restaurants restricted? A mobile laptop computer consumes a very minute amount of power. This will not affect the business of SM being a large income-earning company. Isn’t this supposed to be part of the ammenities offered free for the benefit of the public being customers of SM?

  5. Just visited the Sky Garden yesterday. The ambiance of the place is quite relaxing. Anyway, I took one of your photos of Sky Garden. I put it on my blog. Thanks.

  6. judging from your pictures, this is pretty similar to vivocity here in Singapore. I will post pictures of the mall own version on my blog.

  7. Wow!!! a huge diff. since i visited SM City North, just wonderin’? why dont they have a website of the mall itself ? atleast with a virtual tour off the mall? just a thought, oh well soon i’ll be home in 3 weeks nasa pinas na ko ….see you guys!!!

    god bless

  8. Cool stuff! Great mini story about SM. I was there (I’m in grade 5) when SM City opened. That was like a couple of decades ago 🙂

    Nice pics, you really had to go to both overpass to get those pics. Good thing they got free wifi now too and Megamall followed suit.

    Thanks for sharing this Karla.


  9. Oh it’s so nice! It’s been three years since I left Philippines and I lived near this mall. It’s like a couple of minutes away from it. It’s on construction at the time I left. It really did improve a lot.

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