Zsammy is a one-man band of Sam McKinley. His musical influences are Spoon, The Shins, Nirvana, Radiohead and Interpol. I discovered his music through iLike. I was playing Coldplay’s Yellow and one of his songs appeared in related music. The particular song that I am referring to is Your Chest is Not Moving which has caught my attention.

Your Chest is Not Moving
by Zsammy

the ceiling’s gonna crumble, crushing both of us,
and i tell you not to cry
as you’re holding on tight.
you have such patient eyes.
i’m gonna miss that.

we carve our names into this stone,
she cuts my hand,
says, “it could do you some good to feel alive for a minute, before the walls cave in.”

you have such painless eyes and, when i wake up
you’re holding on tight.
but you don’t speak. you don’t breath. your chest is not moving
and you don’t cry. and you don’t call.
you don’t even whisper at all.

i can’t stand stand up.
i can’t speak.
i can’t breathe, but everything is alright.
you’re still holding on tight.

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