Pardon me for being sort of an ignorant when it comes to local television lately since I rarely watch TV. I was surprised last Sunday when I saw YouTube being shown in Wazzup Wazzup. I’m not sure if it’s just a special feature or a regular segment (called YouTubero?) there. I really cannot remember what video clip I saw on the Wazzup Wazzup teaser last Sunday. I just searched for a video tagged with youtubero and I found this.

I remember way back in college when we were asked by our professor in the MEM Department if we would like to have an interview with Wazzup Wazzup. Even though we said yes, that did not push through for some unknown reason. And I was kinda thankful with that also because I could already picture in my mind that it’s going to be a riot. That could have been my first 15 minutes of fame. Hehehe. 😀

I wonder how Wazzup Wazzup would conduct the interview on Naples plastic surgeon if there is a chance :D.

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