YOU Blog Addict and more

I didn’t know that I was featured yesterday at Inq7.Net‘s Blog Addict. And truly, this is one of the best Christmas gifts that I have received. Thanks Joey.

Okay, for the other gifts, I got a book from my brother and a pair of sunglasses as well. The book is The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho who wrote one of my favorites which is The Alchemist. Then, I got a bag from my brother’s girlfriend. And oh, my sister didn’t give me a gift but gave me 200 bucks instead to buy whatever I want.

A weird place to see a TV star is at a convenience store at Cainta. We stopped by since my brother needed to go to the bathroom and it was nearing lunch time. As soon as they were done buying some food from Wendy’s, we saw Francis M. and his daughter Maxine walked out of 7-11. She’s really beautiful even without the make-up.

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