World Pyro Olympics Day 3

IMG_4722I went yesterday at the World Pyro Olympics with a couple of friends. Unfortunately, the Taft-based squad was not complete due to Hazel’s absence. Nevertheless, this is a one-of-a-kind event that brought our group together again after so many months of not being able to see each other. Other than that, it was also Pam’s birthday on the 26th and it’s a good post-celebration. We went there from Starbucks Taft which is the place where all of us gather and tell stories. From there we took a cab to Blue Wave which is still a bit far from the Esplanade. The cab driver made excuses for making the great escape from the impending traffic. Certainly I understand how it is to repeat the cycle of clutch and foot brakes in a bumper-to-bumper situation. It’s tiring and I myself would not want to get stuck in the middle of the traffic and miss all the spectacular fireworks. In other words, we walked. Cool!

We walked until we arrived in front of the SM Mall of Asia which is still under construction. I setup my tripod there and took pictures. After we finished the pyro display of Russia, we walked straight ahead towards the entrance.


We were surprised to see that we still have to ride a jeepney to go the place. And it got me thinking that looks like we will be having a walkathon later. Upon arriving there, the first that we looked for is the food. And there are two Jollibee stations setup and I could describe them as the ultimate blockbuster hits of the digestive system. We resorted to Shawarma and Pepsi and listened to Radioactive Sago Project’s performance. And the word fireworks can be found in every song they performed. After that, we went to a spot where I would be setting up the tripod to take the pictures and where my friends could watch the fireworks display. It was United Kingdom’s turn. It would be way cooler if they did some unusual display that would really depict their country.

After the pyro display of UK, we walked until we reached Roxas Boulevard. Nevertheless, the walkathon is still worth it.

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