WordCamp 2008 Philippines


Photo by Norman Dellosa

I got up early even if I slept late already from Oktoberfest and the thing is, I was sleepy the whole time when I was on my way to College of Saint Benilde. I haven’t went to Taft Avenue for a long time already. The last time I went there before WordCamp was when I was going to have a technical presentation for Society of Manufacturing Engineers at DLSU a year ago or so.

Anyway, I felt quite relaxed in the early morning even though I did not practice my presentation. I went over it though in the morning.

When we saw Matt Mullenweg arrived, it seemed to me that the inner fangirl/fanboy unleashed that some (including me, Norman and Sha) were excited to have a photo op with him. 😀

Anyway, we went to see Jayvee’s talk after eating a fast breakfast that I bought from Tropical Hut. I had a lot of insights from Jayvee‘s talk which me and Sha could apply to our food blog. 😀 I attended Blogie Robillo’s talk not just because I’m going to talk after him but I’m interested in what he’s going to talk about.

I talked about WordPress as CMS and a girl from GMA7 had an interesting question since her issue is that they were not allowed to use YouTube which I find a bit odd since they would save some hardware cost because of the space being occupied by it. Anyway, I of searching some possible plugins since I haven’t encountered this kind of issue yet before with the clients that I’ve dealt with. I’ve found some plugins recommended by Lorelle. Anyone who needs to host the video file on their own site and wants to post it using WordPress could use Viper’s Video Quicktags plugin. In this way, they don’t need to convert the video to Flash format. However, it’s best to optimized the video for web viewing. 🙂

After the talk, we had lunch courtesy of Chowking and some cupcakes from Spot.PH that I was not able to taste because I’m already full. 😀 We had plenary sessions in the afternoon. Matt showed us a demo of what to watch out for WordPress 2.7 and I’m excited with the new features! 😀 Aileen Apolo, and Regnard also talked in the afternoon sessions.

Photo by Norman Dellosa

After the afternoon sessions, there’s a picture taking with Matt. Norman, took a shot of photographers and it’s fun seeing them in this photo like this. 😀 I hope there will be another WordCamp in the Philippines next year. 🙂

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