Woohoo!!! It’s Accepted!!!

January 21 was the day of anticipation since they will be sending the notification of acceptance (it means that if the paper is accepted or not to be part of the 7th Science and Technology Congress). However, when I checked my mail the next day (Saturday), I did not get any e-mail. In fact, when I got online after watching 5 episodes of Season 5 of Friends, I was already thinking of sending an e-mail to the Science and Technology Congress Secretariat. When I was doing the new layout for my Dad’s company website, and after that, I checked my mail again if there’s something new. And certainly, that one new message in my Gmail inbox is certainly the one that I’ve been anticipating for. The only thing is, I didn’t expect one thing coming.

I clearly stated in the entry form that we will just be joining the poster competition. However, I was surprised to find out that we will also be in the oral competition. It’s not that I don’t want to be in the oral competition. The bottomline is, there will be a lot of preparations than what I have expected.

Oh well, there’s a lot of time before March 2. Hehe! I just have to focus on the manuscript for the mean time. Hehe!

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