Went out and voted

Armed with my voter’s ID, I went out with my brother to vote at the F. Serrano Elementary School. I had a hard time looking for the room of my precinct. It was unorganized and it spelled the word chaos in my mind. I asked every poll watcher around and I found out that there’s a Manila paper posted near the entrance of the public school. The Manila paper contained information on the rooms with the following precinct numbers. Apparently, someone was blocking the precinct number of the room where I was supposed to go.

The system of election here in the Philippines is still outdated. We still have to write down each of the candidates name. I guess we will be expecting the full automation of the electoral system in 2010 according to PCIJ’s report.

RA 8436 is an Act Authorizing The Commission on Elections to use an Automated Election System in the May 11, 1998 National or Local Elections and in Subsequent National and Local Electoral Exercises and it was amended to RA 9369 (January 2007). You could read more about of the RA 9369 in this link.

Voting is not just a right
Going out and voting is not just a right. In fact, it is a social responsibility. It is something that we should all do. It is like doing something for the good of our country in spite of the fact that others may cheat. It is nice to see familiar faces from the neighborhood there practicing their right and their responsibility to vote.

Keeping my choice of candidates confidential
I’m keeping my choice of candidates confidential. However, I can assure you that I did not vote for Victor Wood. 😀

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