Water Droplets Racing

When I was a kid, I would usually watch water drops race on the car windows especially if I do not feel like sleeping or if I do not see anything interesting to look at. I had a random thought just this afternoon, while reliving the good old days of watching the water drops race on the car window. I just thought that what if someone would make an animation short about it. Okay, let’s say that I am going to make an animation short about it. Read more for the story.


Two parents and their child went inside their car. The shot is taken in the child’s point of view. Now that they are inside the car, as the father puts the key (camera is zoomed in focusing the hand of the father and the key) in to start the engine, rain started to fall down. As the car reversed slowly, the child starts to look at the car window with the droplets on it. Then, the camera focuses on the world of the water droplets on the car window. And guess what, they’re going to have a race like that of NASCAR.

Commentator 1: Welcome to the National Water Stock Racing Association and I will guide you for the rest of the race with (insert name of commentator 2).

Commentator 2: Thank you (insert name of commentator 1). I’m all glad to see you all here at the Honda CRV race track number 3.

As the car stopped from reversing,

Commentator 1: Water dropacers, Start your engines!

Commentator 2: 1, 2, 3…

And as the car zoomed,

Commentator 1 and 2: GO!!!!!

And the water droplets race on the car window. There are around ten water dropacers. When one of them was about to go out of the race,

Water Dropacer 4: Oh man! Why should I go to the pitstop even if I do not wanted to? Is it my fault if I’m so unlucky with the Aerodynamics of my position?

Commentator 1: Water dropacer 4 is now out of the race. Too bad, he was doing really great in the past few races. Oh well, that’s life.

Then, Water Dropacer 1 was about to go out of the race a few seconds after Water Dropacer 4.

Water Dropacer 1: I’m filing a protest! My calculations tell me that I should be taking hope the trophy. Noooo!!! Why did I use the formula for computing the Heat Flow? Argh!!!

Commentator 2: Wow! That was unexpected of Water Dropacer 1. As we all know, Water Dropacer 1 has been known in this aerodynamics thing and is certainly quite a geeky racer.

And as the car was about to stop because of the Stop Sign,

Commentator 1 and 2: And we have a winner. Congratulations to Water Dropacer 8.

With the car stopped, Water Dropacer 8 claimed his trophy. The microphone was handed over Water Dropacer 8 and was given the opportunity to thank his followers.

Water Dropacer 8: I really did not expect to win here. I was even expecting Water Dropacer 1 to win since he’s so into the aerodynamics stuff that I did not bother to care about. Thanks to my loyal supporters that just evaporated just seconds before I reached the Finish Line.

Commentator 1: My oh my! Speaking of evaporation, I was just listening to your splending speech and after that, (insert name of commentator 2) has just evapo…

And then,(insert name of commentator 1) evaporated.

The camera’s point of view is now switched to the parent’s point of view. The father then looks at his kid while the kid is still looking at the window.


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