UP Not Fair


I went to the last day of UP Fair and it has been a long time since I’ve attended such a big event. You’ll see people from all walks of life in this event, be it someone affiliated with University of the Philippines or a music lover like me. So aside from watching and listening to the live bands performing, other things that you could have done in the UP fair is to wall climb which costs 20 pesos for 2 climbs already. Then, you could have pigged out eating shawarma and other popular street food. Then maybe you could have gotten a henna tattoo or have taken home some Adidas item that you got for half of its original price.

You could already feel the election atmosphere in the Sunken Garden as they show a video of the Kabataan Party List. It seems that most organizations from UP have endorsed them. The mascot of the Kabataan Party List jammed with Brownman Revival.

After the set of Brownman Revival, Miro appeared on stage with some wings. 😀 Then, I was reminded of a recent X-Men film rather than the Valentine Cupid. Of course, the set of Stonefree would not be complete without the song Listen which made them popular. After Stonefree, Paramita performed. It was nice to see Ria, Alsey and Marco again after a very long time of not being able to go to gigs. 😀

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