UP Fair Rockultura: the Aftermath

Last Tuesday, we went to the UP Fair dubbed as Rockultura where all the members of Eraserheads was supposed to be there. Cambio was not able to perform which means that Buddy Zabala was not there.

It’s a good thing that there was no riot when we went there. However, I felt sorry for those who were at the UP Fair last Friday who witnessed it.

By the time we arrived there, Sandwich was already performing on-stage and there are already a lot of people inside the fair grounds. I remember last year’s UP Fair, (we went there on a Saturday), there were more people inside the fair grounds than the one last Tuesday. I would not really wonder why’s that even if the line-up is much better. Obviously, more people will be able to attend the UP Fair on a weekend rather than the one held on a weekday (except for Friday of course).

Aside from Sandwich, we got to watch Pupil, Markus Highway, Nyctinasty, Urbandub, Sugarfree (heard actually since we were at Artbar’s booth at that time), Itchyworms, Chicosci, Mayonnaise, Soapdish, Silent Sanctuary and Datu’s Tribe.

I was able to take some videos during the event which I’ll still upload. From all of those who performed, I could say that Urbandub was the crowd’s favorite (during the span of time that we’re there). In addition, it was in Chicosci’s set that some of the crowd slam danced. There was one guy in pajamas that was standing on the shoulders of his friend and he was holding a banner. Miggy asked the guy to stay where he was :D.

It was also nice to see Glenn of Shirts.PH during that night and also some of the listers of the Eraserheads mailing list. 🙂

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