Under the Makati Sky

This afternoon, we had a meeting of our Volunteer Group. We talked about the reorganization. But then, our representative told us that the name of the group should be changed. However, most of the members (especially the core members) does not like the idea of changing the name. We didn’t like the name of the organization to be changed simply because we have already established our presence in the community. I remember the times when we had our underground meetings just to keep the group alive. After that, we went to SM Bicutan and continued our discussion there while having dinner.

In the middle of our meeting, a friend called me up. She told me that our friend was at Greenbelt 3 alone and crying. With that, I was a bit confused because I was just with her last Thursday and she was all good. After the phone call, I called her and asked her to wait up for me. After the meeting, I went to Greenbelt 3 instead of going to the despedida party of the High School friend of my sister. I found her at the heart of Greenbelt 3, just near the fountain, sitting alone, staring at the fountain and crying. I sat beside her and just kept quiet.

I remember the last time when we were there, I was the one who had a problem. I teary-eyed but I would not let the tears fall down. I was the one moping. Now, she is the one who’s crying. And she repeated the same questions like,

“Bakit ganun Karla?”

“Anong dapat kong gawin?”

I just kept silent at first, took a deep breath, and answered her questions, questions that are even harder than the problems that I encountered in Calculus. It’s even harder than the questions asked by our panel in thesis. It is because that in my past experiences, I gave advices and yet, I cannot even follow my own advice at the end. Now, I just do not want to give her an advice, but I just wanted to be right there beside my friend at her lowest time, staring at the fountain at the heart of Greenbelt 3.

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