It’s been a long time since I went to the movies and I was thinking of watching V for Vendetta or Ultraviolet. I ended up watching Ultraviolet which turned out to be a huge mess for me. It’s like it’s there on the movie houses waiting to disappoint you because of high expectations. It’s something more like a shampoo and a hair dye commercial packed with fight scenes that are not original. For instance, in one scene Violet (main character of this film portrayed by Milla Jovovich) would simply turn her hair into color violet and then all of her opponents died at an instant. Also, she would simply change her suit anytime she wants at a blink of an eye. Who could be her fashion designer slash scientist? That should be cool in case you’re coming from an office and you would want to go out for a gimmick.

Amongst the fight scenes, I was disappointed the most with the one where Violet faced a lot of opponents where she just made a single stroke of the sword and all of them died. It has reminded me of certain Filipino action movies where the main character would get his hands on all of his opponents and finish them off. In addition, the effects was such a disappointment. It has this certain look-and-feel that would literally say to you, “Hey I’m made of 3D stuff! I’m so obvious right?”

Although I was disappointed with the film, I was amazed with the disposable mobile phone and the mini projector gadget which is quite useful for people who just thinks that everyday is April Fools’ Day. However, I still cannot find to answers on why the child (known as Six because his age is six) would fit into a briefcase. He would not even fit there even if he does the fetus position.

Overall Rating:¬ 2 out of 5

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