Traumaligno is composed of Boom Dizon on guitars and vocals, Lek Pamintuan on bass (Blazing Bulalakaws) and Pit Bato on drums. My friend Bels introduced me to their music. The good thing is that they have music available online for everyone to listen. 😀 They have five songs in their Soundclick page and those are: Quemadura de Sol, Puro I, Latigo, Shrimppaste Soda, and Diyosa ng Bugbog.

It is interesting to note that you cannot find the title inside the lyrics of most of their songs. 😀 The perfect example would be Shrimppaste Soda. Who would know that this song is a break up song? 😀 In order for you to realize that it is such, you have to listen to it. Hehe.

And because of lurking in Soundclick once again, I discovered that you could embed their player. I’m not sure though since when they have this kind of feature. 🙂

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