Today is my Dad’s Birthday

Today is my Dad’s birthday! Tomorrow we will be celebrating it at Dish, Quezon City because he wants to watch Bloomfields. In case you do not know, Bloomfields are mostly known for their covers of Beach Boys songs. However, do not have a misconception that Bloomfields are composed of members that are in their 40’s. In fact, they are around my age. They are composed of JJ Lozano (on guitars), Louie Poco (on bass), Pepe Lozano (also on guitars, Lakan Hila (on keyboards), and Rocky Collado (on drums). Surprisingly, Lakan was my classmate in one of the general engineering subjects (Strength of Materials) way back in college. Our block was merged with their block (Industrial Engineering block) for that particular class. By the way, all of them hailed from La Salle Greenhills. Join their Yahoo!Groups if you want to know more about Bloomfields and also get to know some latest updates from the band.

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