The Struggle of Drinking Coffee

I am a coffee drinker. I can live without alcoholic beverages or softdrinks. I may survive without caffeine content in my system for a day. But for a whole week? Hell no! I can drink coffee from McDonald’s without a creamer but certainly not without sugar. And every time I do that, I experience unnecessary shaking (of my hands) and if I drink a Starbucks Coffee of the day even with milk on it, I palpitate after a few hours of drinking. I can drink coffee and night and still manage to sleep right after and that is if and only if it is an instant coffee.

When it comes to coffee, I prefer mine to be hot. I do not like iced-blended coffee with whipped cream on top. It’s not like the coffee that I would love to drink. When I prepare a cup (or a tumbler) of coffee, I use instant coffee and that should be the three-in-one mix so that I won’t have to seek for sugar. I pour 95 percent hot water and 5 percent cold water. Of course you have to understand that I just approximated the numbers and I did not use an instrument like the ones being used in chemical laboratories so that I could measure the volume. There are times that I overestimate the volume of the hot water inside my tumbler which has resulted into the use of certain parts of my anatomy (my mouth and my lungs) to cool it. Or if that won’t work in five minutes, I won’t do something like the one shown below.

Yoga and coffee at the same time is something that I cannot and will not do. I am not aiming for something like being the first Filipino to drink coffee while having yoga. Also, I do not plan to get myself burned.

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