The Pseudo-laminated 20-peso bill

I bought an Iced Tea from Wendy’s and then I got a worn-out 20 bucks which I didn’t notice at first because the cashier handed it to me folded. Then, when I was about to pay for my MRT ticket, the cashier told me that we do not accept worn-out 20-peso bills. It was wrapped with scotch tape and some of the artifacts of the aforementioned 20-peso bill were missing. It’s like having something that supposed to have a value but then it is not. In short, I was kinda irritated and frustrated at the same time because it’s still 20 bucks. I could still buy something for 20 pesos and I could still use it to get me to some place.

And so, what I did is to pay the correct amount using my coins. I would have used all of my 25-centavo coins to pay for my MRT ticket but it was not with me earlier. And so, I have to gather up the coins from my pocket and from my Asian-girly coin purse that my bestfriend gave me as a pasalubong when he went to Korea for a business travel. While I was walking inside the MRT station I just put the 20-peso bill inside my bag and still thinking what I could buy with the 20-peso bill. I could buy a C2 from Mini Stop across our office and still have 3 pesos with me. I could have used it for my MRT fare or for my bus fare. Maybe you’ll find 20 bucks too small. Well, if it’s hard-earned money, even a single peso would matter to you. A hundred bucks would be nothing without a peso, what more if it’s 20 bucks.

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