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I was first exposed to PCIJ (Philippine Center on Investigative Journalism) at quite an early age. My father even keeps a copy of one of the published materials of PCIJ. Well, I’m not sure how many of those published materials he actually has but I know that there’s one. And everytime that I’d hear the name of Shiela Coronel, I’d automatically associate her with PCIJ. I didn’t know that PCIJ has a blog. It’s a fairly new blog with a simple and a clean layout.

Being the responsible journalist, they even keep a Blog Rules page and a Blogger’s Code of Ethics. Sad to say, there are some that cannot follow that completely. Believe me, I have seen some works of idle hands and some can still get away with the crime by making people believe that they wrote it.

Again, take a peek at PCIJ’s blog and read the stories behind their stories.

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