The Novice Sensei

It was my first day to teach in our training center. Currently, I am teaching Autodesk Inventor Level 1 which is for the novice users. Thus, for those who have known AutoCAD, they were both owned by Autodesk. My first teaching experience is when I became a student teacher in IHMS. I was teaching Math to grade 3 students and became a substitute class adviser for a particular section. And who said classroom management was easy? Not really if you have 40 students under you. My next teaching experience is in college during my stay at DLSU. I was part of the Academics Committee of the Engineering College Assembly. I became one of the peer tutors there where I was the only one talking to around 20 people listening to me. And the subject was Engineering Algebra (known to Engineering students by the course code ENGALGE). It’s even harder than simple arithmetic. Then, my next teaching experience after that is right now. And yes, it’s really challenging since this is not just another Algebra101 tutorial where all of my tutees were younger than me. Now, this has something got to do with my work.

To be honest with you, I was really nervous at first especially before the class started. Then, as I started talking, the “nervous side” of me had been wiped out. I was cool then. Certainly, that challenge was just the start of it. The challenge after that was even harder and will be harder for the coming days. On the contrary, it’s a great learning experience for me.

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