The Fiasco that has Involved my Alma Mater

I just got a forwarded e-mail from one of my classmates in college. It was contributed in and you can read it here. I just want to share to you a line that really struck me.

My school pride is in no way connected to how well we do in sports, so I really don’t care if they take away our awards.

Just recently, my Alma Mater caught in a crossfire because of the eligibility issue. Apparently, it was reported that two players of the Men’s Basketball Team (Mark and Tim) were ineligible to play for the UAAP. Read more for Quebengco’s statement on the said controversy.


Executive Vice-President, DLSU-M

At no other time in recent memory has the Lasallian community experienced as much pain and anguish as it has in the past weeks, brought about by our voluntary investigation of hand carried documents submitted for admission to our University. While we have not wavered in our search for the truth, we are also of the opinion that the trials and tribulations that have and will come our way are parts of a process our community needs to undergo to uphold the good name of the University. The path we have chosen is not an easy one but it is the right one.

Our first public statement on the matter was intended to resolve the question of the eligibility of two players of the men’s basketball team. To the best of our ability and using only verifiable facts, we have arrived at findings which we have already disclosed. While some sectors would like more “heads to roll,” we do not have police or coercive powers to compel people to testify. We are certainly more than willing to accept the evidence of wrong doing of any party ‚Äî including the coaching staff as some sectors have implied. To the best of our knowledge, no evidence has yet been submitted implicating persons other than those already named in this sordid mess. However, we would like to reassure all members of the community that we will exert all efforts to discover the truth behind this matter, as well as put into place appropriate measures to see to it that incidents such as this will not happen again.

We would like to inform you that we have taken the following important steps:

  • Ordered the return of the Men’s Basketball Championship Trophy for Season 67 immediately.
  • Instructed our legal counsel to seek assistance of the appropriate investigating authorities so that if necessary, we may file the appropriate charges against those who may be involved. Contrary to what our detractors may say, the University has said time and again that it was not involved in any attempt to hide the truth or delay its discovery and our willingness to cooperate with duly authorized investigating authorities should be seen in this light.
  • Instituted significant changes in admission policies, specifically with regards to the submission of hand carried documents.
  • Convened a committee to recommend changes in our sports policy and personnel, including the coaching staff.
  • We are seriously considering taking a leave of absence from the UAAP the rest of this season and the next to be able to institute internal reforms. Unless we are able to do this, we believe that we cannot achieve the ideals of the UAAP.

We will continue to reach out to all our stakeholders to reassure them that we will protect the good name and the cherished traditions of De La Salle University. While we may be going through this unbearable pain, I am confident that we will overcome this and emerge a stronger institution committed to remaining a resource for Church and Nation. In this, we cannot and should not fail.

What I have learned from my Alma Mater is that school pride is not rooted in our UAAP standings. I have watched a couple of basketball games in my first two years of being a part of the Lasallian academic community. And Animo filled the air. But there are a lot of things that I can be proud of aside from getting trophies and awards. What I care about is what I have learned from my Alma Mater. I tell you, not all the things that you’ll learn in college can only be acquired in the four corners of your classroom. Most of the things that you’ll learn are not taught by your professor for that matter. I’m proud to say that my 5-year stint in DLSU as a student there has brought me learnings aside from solving complex mathematic equations and the like. Those learnings have made me a better person.

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