The Dawn Trenta: The Repeat

The Dawn - Trenta - 4
Jett Pangan and Carlos Balcells

The Dawn celebrated a repeat of their 30th anniversary at The Music Museum last night. I missed the first one that was held at the Craft BGC last September. I’m glad that I didn’t miss this one 🙂

Yes, this was certainly our party. We stood up after a few songs were already performed by the iconic Pinoy rock band The Dawn. Some were drinking beer while singing with the band while I was drinking my Rhum Cola and was taking photos in between.

Here’s some of my favorite moments shot last night.

The Dawn - Trenta - 14
Carlos Balcells

The Dawn - Trenta - 6
JB Leonor

The Dawn - Trenta - 21
JB Leonor and Mon Legaspi

The Dawn - Trenta - 34
Jett Pangan and Francis Reyes

The Dawn - Trenta - 30
Sancho Sanchez and Francis Reyes

The Dawn - Trenta - 43

More photos can be found at Flickr

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