The Da Vinci Code

Last night, I was able to watch The Da Vinci Code with Ajay (thanks for the tix! hehe!) at Greenbelt 3. So if you have plans to watch at Greenbelt 3, prepare for the wallet damage of 170 bucks.

The Da Vinci Code is an adaptation of Dan Brown’s book of the same title. It is directed by Ron Howard. In this movie, Robert Langdon was portrayed by Tom Hanks and he is not actually the Robert Langdon that came to my mind when I was reading the book. If you have not read the book and you have watched this film already, I suggest that you read it. You will then realize that there are some details in the book that you would want to see in the film. However, such details would make the film more controversial as it is being shown here in the Philippines with an MTRCB rating of for 18 and above only (R-18) and this movie is banned from being shown in the city of Manila. And since the movie is R-18, SM Cinemas is certainly not airing this film.


Will this movie shake your faith? Not really since it would really depend on you if you would let it happen. And so, why did the MTRCB gave such a rating? This could be at least given a PG-13 rating in my opinion since the book itself is very much accessible over the counter. It is even more detailed in the book. Are they afraid of being scolded by the CBCP? Whether it is good publicity or bad publicity, it is still publicity and the film is getting more attention that this movie is being shown in 2 out of the 4 cinemas of Glorietta 1 and 3 out of the 5 cinemas of Greenbelt 3. What are they going to do next? Scold Ayala for showing it in his cinemas?

Predictable or Not?

For those who have read the book, of course they would anticipate what will happen next and would check if it is indeed consistent with the description of the scenes as based from the novel. For me, yes I have read the book and the element of surprise is lost already. The only surprise here are some controversial details from the book that were not included in this film.

My Rating
Adaptation from book to film: 3 out of 5
Casting: 3 out of 5
Overall rating: 3 out of 5

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