The Amityville Horror

Some time ago, I remembered having watched an old version of The Amityville Horror (the 1979 version). I’m just not sure if it was on cable TV or in VHS tape. Before, I was not aware that it was based on a true story. However, the story did happen in history as what I have read at this website. On the contrary, some are still saying that the horror in 112 Ocean Avenue is a hoax.

In the 2005 version, the names of the characters in the film is mainly based on Jay Anson’s novel, The Amityville Horror that became a bestseller in 1977. However, there was something wrong with the story itself. Remember the scene where the priest blessed the house with Holy Water and then ran away from the house and got into his car immediately after the insects attacked him? From Jay Anson’s book, the priest gave them an advice,

“Don’t use it as a bedroom. Don’t let anyone sleep in there.”
— Father Mancusco, The Amityville Horrors by Jay Anson

And because of the advice that came from the priest, they turned it into a sewing room which was not shown in the film. They still remained to be a bedroom of their two little boys.

In addition to that, in Jay Anson’s version, after 28 days of living at the DeFeo home, they grabbed a few belongings and went away. However, in order to make it more like of a horror movie, they changed it. Hollywood produced a psycho-George ready to catch ’em and kill ’em. Also, at the end of the film, there was a text narration saying that they did not return for their personal belongings. And they really don’t have any belongings with them except for the clothes that they were wearing and the speedboat that they were riding.

Cinematography – 4 out of 5
Sound Effects – 5 out of 5
Script – 2 out of 5 (Take that for the unnecessary scene included!)

And if you can’t get off the creepy feeling, just watch this short animated film in Macromedia Flash. The loading may take some time but it’s funny and somehow alarming at the same time

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