Super Size Me

I didn’t know that this particular documentary was shown at Rockwell for a few days. I got this information from Marvin’s blog. I already heard of this documentary ages ago. This documentary reminded me of my thesismate. When we were in our third year college, McDonald’s had a promo where Quarter pounders were available for a cheaper price. Then, he abused the promo by eating two quarter pounders a day. That routine continued until he got hospitalized for having gall stones. Then, he was given medication first before undergoing an operation. The side effect of the medication is that your skin will not be of natural color anymore. Your skin will turn into color yellow. After a series of medications and observations, the doctors suggested that he should be operated instead.

After that kind of experience, my thesismate started to eat something healthy and he became overly conscious of what he’s eating. In the movie Super Size Me, the director subjected himself to eat at McDonald’s for 30 days and have himself checked up for changes in his cholesterol level and such. However, Super Size Me is not just all about McDonald’s. It is all about the fastfood chains and its effects to our health if we would only be eating fastfood for the rest of our lifetime.

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