Studying again at Starbucks

Pablo Ocampo St. formerly known as Vito Cruz corner Taft Avenue

Vito Cruz: Zoomed Out

Around 5:30pm, I was reviewing some stuff for thesis at Starbucks then I thought of experimenting some shots when I felt that I could not much absorb what I was reading. And the pictures above where the results.
Then, around 7pm, my friend Grace (known to several people as Brutal Grace) arrived at Starbucks. And of course, her arrival was unexpected. I just learned that she is currently working as a photographer for PULP Magazine. And she has been working there for four months already. That was really a big break for her and I am proud of and happy for Grace.

Iced Tea at KFC

One more to go…

Then, me and my buddy Hazie had dinner at KFC. I had a BBQ Chicken Burger Meal Upsized and she had the same but not upsized.

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