I’m currently addicted to the band Spoken. I discovered it via Much Music and that is from where I was able to download their album. I suddenly became interested on how they sound like because of the particular description “heavy tones, soaring melodies”. Below is the Track Listing of their album, dubbed as Last Chance to Breathe (their second album), that I downloaded:

1. September
2. Wind In My Sails
3. Love In Return
4. Everything Is Burning
5. 1992
6. Last Chance to Breathe
7. Bitter Taste
8. From the Inside
9. Home
10. 4th Street
11. Time After Time
12. You’re Still Waiting

Spoken consists of Arkansas natives and they are Jef Cunningham (Guitar), Aaron Wiese (Guitar), Matt Baird (Vocals), Brandon Thigpen (Bass) and Ryan Jordan (Drums). Their music is something that would keep your adrenaline high. The song Time After Time is actually the emo version of this Madonna original. And I fell in love with their version of this song. I personally do not like Matchbox20’s version of it since it’s still mellow and his (the vocalist of Matchbox 20) voice irritated me when I heard it.

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