Sony S2 Sports Walkman MP3 Player


Instead of getting into the iPod hype, I just asked my brother to buy for me an S2 Sports Walkman MP3 Player which I think is better than getting an iPod Nano or an iPod Shuffle. This MP3 player from Sony has a 2GB built-in memory. And if you’re in the mood for music with loaded advertisements, just use the built-in FM tuner. It supports audio formats such as MP3, ATRAC, ATRAC3PLUS, WMA (non-DRM), and AAC (non-DRM). 😀

Other functions that are not of value to me are Calorie Counter which allows you to see how many calories you have burned while doing that routine that the pros all tend to follow and the Target Settings for the sports assist function which allows you to set the time you want to work out so that the music will stop after that span of time.

Why I would Choose it over iPod

  • I would still want to listen to FM sometimes aside from the MP3s that I have
  • Support for other audio file formats
  • View song information (a functionality that iPod Shuffle lacks)

Read more information in the Sony Style website.

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