Some 5 Things About Me

Even before I was tagged by Retz, I already came across Abe’s My 5 Secrets. Below are some five things about me. I guess most of you do not know these 5 things about me but for those who are close to me you might just ask for a different list without including anything that is listed here. 😀

1. Computer Science should have been my first choice
When I was still in 4th year high school, I was already thinking of taking up computer science as a course. However, I also have my dreams of creating robots and such. Since programming is easier to learn that creating robots, I chose Manufacturing Engineering and Management.

2. I suck in badminton and volleyball
I’m not good in badminton. I may know the terms backhand and forehand but I almost always hit the air. 😀 Volleyball is not for me. My hand aches everytime I hit the ball. I could not even make a serve land on the other side of the court.

3. I once dreamt of becoming a doctor someday
I once dreamt of being a doctor when I was a kid. When I was in second year, I changed up my mind after memorizing a long list of scientific names.

4. I created my own super heroes when I was still a kid
When I was still a kid, I created my own super heroes. I drew them on a Record Book where each page contains a whole body drawing of the super hero with their costume, their name, and a list of special abilities that they have. If they have special vehicles, I would also draw their vehicles and if they have weapons, I would also draw them.

5. I cannot tune a guitar without using a tuner
When I started playing the guitar, I always relied on my brother to do the tuning. When he became a little busy, I bought a cheap electronic tuner so that I could tune it by myself. If I’m not going to use a tuner, it would take me a long time to finish tuning.

Now it’s time to tag! 😀

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