Sleepy Mornings Turned to Lively Mornings

It has been almost 6 months since I started working in Makati where I ride a shuttle in the morning passing by in front of Don Bosco Makati. It is only recently that I have noticed something that has turned my sleepy mornings to lively mornings. As we were passing by in front of Don Bosco Makati, I saw this particular laundry shop. Obviously, it has caught my attention because of the subliminal meaning in its name. The name of the said laundry shop is “Let’s Talk Dirty”. On the left side of it’s name is a drawing of a face of a lady that seems to have a seductive kind of look. Along the side where “Let’s Talk Dirty” is located is a restaurant named as Tom Cruz Grille. I’ve heard of this before from some of my friends but it is only recently that I got to see the location. This should be under the restaurants directory. under the spoofs category. And I’m wondering if a certain Tomas Cruz or Thomas or a certain Tommy owns the said restaurant. Any ideas?

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