Silipan Rinigan: the aftermath

Top Junk’s Tuesday Vargas

Sha and me arrived at Al’s Bar last Saturday at around 10pm after giving in to our Mango Bravo craving at Conti’s. In the event, I bumped into Ricky Manzano, and to Kin who have some stuff also on exhibit at Al’s Bar. I felt so bad that my Speedlite had zero battery life during the event that I was not able to take much good photos because of lighting. Thus, the lesson here is not to forget to charge the batteries for the Speedlite. 😀

Tether’s vocalist

It’s a fun night being able to watch some bands that I was not able to watch before. Well, I was able to watch Blue Jean Junkies years back. I think that was still at Fete de la Musique. Tether and Top Junk are the bands that I’ve seen there the first time that impressed me. Anyway, we’ve only seen four bands there and was not able to watch the other bands since we have to meet some of my high school friends. We went to Central BBQ Boy Grill at BF to have a bit of catching up. 🙂

Anyway, congratulations again to Redslim for a great event. 🙂

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