Shifting from Blogger to WordPress

I shifted from Blogger to WordPress. And I thought this would be really. However, I still have problems in editing the layout since I used WordPress 1.5 and not version 1.2 which I was already to be able to acquaint myself with in designing Experiment Orange which I will be upgrading soon as soon as I get the knack of developing a theme for WordPress 1.5.

I must say that WordPress 1.5 has improved a whole lot from its earlier version. Just like Blogger, it already has a dashboard and the best part is that you can change it’s theme in an instant with the Theme Selector. The installation of version 1.5 comes with two themes which is the very dull classic theme (used in versions 1.2 and older) and the very neat Kubrick theme.

I’d like you to know that this will not be the permanent layout of Rocker’s World. This will be the temporary layout for the mean time while I indulge myself in geeky activities like CSS coding and some creative activities with the special participation of Adobe Photoshop. You may have noticed that the tag-board is nowhere to be found. I advise you to go to the Navigate Site and then point your cursor to Guestbook so that you can leave your message there.

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