Seashell Museum

Floating shell?

Another point of interest in the Yalong Bay Resort area is the Seashell Museum. The entrance fee there is 21 RMB per person. In the museum, you’ll see there different species of seashells that vary in size, shape and color. Just like in the museum found in Butterfly Park, the seashells are displayed in glass enclosures. Aside from the seashells, corals may also be seen there.

Upon exiting the museum area, you’ll also see a shopping area where you could find products that are made of seashells. I was able to witness the creativity of the Chinese when I saw one of the products there that resemble a cartoon character of some sort that is made of seashells.

Your exploration won’t stop in the museum. As you climb up the stairs, you’ll see a totem pole surrounded by sculptures. Each of the sculptures surrounding the totem pole represents a time of the year like start of autumn or end of heat.

And if you have brought your swimsuit with you, you could then enjoy the beach. If not, you could just take a walk and look around which is what I did.

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