Sandwich Flash Gig

Sandwich at Oishi OWow Flash Gig - 4

Oishi OWow and RockEd Philippines had a flash gig in Glorietta Food Choices last September 26. I’ve learned about the flash gig in Twitter. Just like the Flash Mob, the flash gig is supposed to be surprised and no one except for the people involved should know about it. Anyway, I guess it must be hard to execute a flash gig because it would be hard to hide a drum set.

Take a look at the picture below. This is how they hid the drum set.

The people who have probably seen the guitars at the back must have suspected something already. 😀

Sandwich at Oishi OWow Flash Gig - 8

Thanks to RockEd Philippines and Oishi OWow for putting up something like this. I hope to see more flash gigs soon. 🙂 Check out more photos from the flash gig here.

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