Round Eyeglass

Round Eyeglass Kape is a house for all art disciplines according to its yahoogroups main page. It is located in front of Starbucks Adriatico in Malate. For those who loves coffee and the movies you might be interested to go there to catch an event from Blacksoup Productions. The event will be something like that of a film showing.

Movies that will be shown are (from November 15 to 20):

    [x] Arturo Luz directed by Ricky Orellana
    [x] Bukan: a 10 minute animation by Ellen Ramos

Then, Movies on Making Movies by Jon Red presents:

    [x] Anak ng Tinapa
    [x] Cut (full length silent film) starring Joel Torre, Jao Mapa and Shereen Ladera

Entrance is PhP 60 and it comes with a free drink.

Announcement via Imago Yahoogroups.

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