Rockstar Supernova

I haven’t watched the entire season of Rockstar Supernova and it kills me that the contestants there are even better than the contestants from Rockstar INXS. Rockstar INXS was quite predictable. Supernova now has a vocalist and it is Lukas Rossi. Lukas Rossi is from Ontario, Canada. On the final show, he performed Bitter Sweet Symphony (The Verve). I’ve downloaded some mp3s from such as Creep (Radiohead), Bitter Sweet Symphony (The Verve) and Hero (Chad Kroeger). His rendition of Creep gave me goosebumps and he truly deserved the encore for that night. I was really expecting Toby Rand to be part of Supernova after I saw him perform Throw it All Away which is an original of his band Juke Kartel. Again, congratulations to Lukas Rossi!

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