Rock Grooves in Delirious Ways

Rock Grooves in Delirious ways (front)

My review for Rock Grooves in Delirious Ways is also online at Titik Pilipino. Compilation albums are indeed hard to review and it is quite a challenge for me. Nevertheless, I was able to accomplish the task. 😀

The Review

Rock Grooves in Delirious Ways is a compilation album released under Alpha Records. The objective of the release of this compilation album is to showcase noteworthy Pinoy contemporary rock ballads.

It is no doubt that the best song in this album is Your Love (acoustic version) by Alamid (track 7). It is already a classic rock ballad that has been responsible for the band’s popularity in the 90’s. Next to Your Love is Obviously Blind by Cattski (track 1). Cattski is one of the best Cebu-based bands that have reached the airwaves of Manila. Another notable track in this album is Fall on Me (from the album Popcorn) by Moonstar 88 (track 13).

One would easily fall in love with Kartoon Chemistry’s Ngayon o Bukas Man (track 6). The melody of the song makes it an LSS (last song syndrome) song which could bring the band into mainstream. Another notable song from a promising band is Next Day by Last Train (track 14) which is also included in another compilation album, Rockumentary.

You Don’t Understand Me by the Spills (track 9) should bring you into a nostalgic mood by listening closely to the melody of the song. Also, if you’ll attentively listen to the lyrics, you may have a gloomy mood as suggested by its theme. Another sad rock ballad in this album is Good Enough by Mac (track 12) which is also included in Acoustic Break compilation album.

Other promising bands that are included in this compilation album are Audio Lokal (Sana’y di na lang), Plaster of Paris (Sinungaling), Subliminal (Tryin’), Pop Filter (Artificial Love) and Cover Me Quick (Nobody’s Shoulder).

The album may not be able to include in the compilation other noteworthy Pinoy rock ballads. However, the songs in the album are unified through the universality of the emotions suggested in the themes of the tracks in this album.

Rating: 2 out of 5

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