Rock Bosch – a series of fund raising gigs for Anabel Bosch

Anabel Bosch is the lead vocalist of Analog. She suffered aneurysm and she just had a medical surgery which was successful. She’s also breathing on her own and is already off on the respirator as reported by Gang Badoy last night of RockEd. The first set amongst the series of fundraiser gigs was held at Big Sky Mind last night.

If you weren’t able to go to Big Sky Mind, you can go to the other fundraiser gigs on:

January 7, Wednesday – Mag:Net HIGH STREET
Tropical Depression, Cocojam, Coffeebreak Island, Hinlalato + more!

January 9, Friday – SAGUIJO
Sandwich, Pupil, Itchyworms, Sugarfree, South Superhighway, Top Junk + more!
9.30pm, entrance P100

January 9, Friday – CHECKPOINT, Bicutan
Playphonics, Kjwan, DRT, Razorback
9 pm, P200 Entrance

January 9, Friday – TEN02

January 10, Saturday – HOBBIT HOUSE
Jook Joint (featuring Delta Slim), DRT, Cocojam, the Blue Rats, The Jerks, K.O. Jones + jamming sessions
8 pm, P300 entrance

January 11, Sunday – 19 EAST, Sukat
Playphonics, Wally Gonzales, Kjwan, DRT, Razorback
8 pm

January 15, Thursday – ROUTE 196
The Ronnies, Bagetsafonik, Analog with Waya Gallardo on vocals, the Late Isabel, Slave Drum, Pedicab, Imago. Robert Alejandro, graphic artist and poet will also be doing portraits.
contact or

January 19, Monday – ROUTE 196
Ciudad, the Jerks, Blue Jean Junkies, Kaktooz
contact or

January 20, Tuesday – CONSPIRACY
Romancing Venus poets + more!

January 21, Wednesday – CLUB DREDD
Anabel’s Birthday Gig!
Romancing Venus poets (Karen Kunawicz, Kooky Tuason, Ginny Mata, Raul Roco Jr., Charms Tianzon, Nina Terol, Megan Aguilar), Kenyo, Joniver Robles, and acoustic sets

January 31, Saturday – CONSPIRACY
Mike Unson live, feat. Uli Oposa & Stanley Chi, with special guest Charms Tianzon
9 pm, P100 entrance

* All gigs start at 9pm. Taken By Cars, 6 Cycle Mind, Razorback, Nyko Maca + PLAYgROUND + Juno Oebanda, Macky of Tribo Manila + others will also be playing during one of these dates.

Check out the facebook group “For the Love of Anabel” for more updates on the gig schedules.

Me and Sha attended the Big Sky Mind fundraiser gig last night and the bands that played are: The Dawn, Chillitees, Cambio, the guy who covered some songs with his acoustic guitar (I forgot his name 😀 ) and Peryodiko. It was nice to see The Dawn live again and it was my first time to see Peryodiko live. 😀 You should watch out for their gigs.

Anyway, Gang Badoy posted something that happened in the gig that might interest you. Two men kissed last night. According to Gang, an amount of 5,000 pesos were raised for Anabel for the kiss to happen. And the total amount that was raised at Big Sky Mind last night is 65,000 pesos. 😀

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