Red Horse Muziklaban Rock Challenge 2009

Gayuma at Muziklaban - 2
Gayuma, Red Horse Muziklaban 2007 Champion

Red Horse Muziklaban’s 11th year has finally concluded it’s roster of activities with the Grand Finals of the Rock Challenge last January 30 at Metrowalk Parking Lot. I think the choice of this location is a good one. In addition, the security was also quite good based from what I saw.

Various banners at Muziklaban

There are a lot of people who went to Muziklaban. We even spotted supporters of one of the finalists (Kukumban) of Muziklaban.

Kukumban supporters

As usual, they have a big net covering the stage so that the bands/artists will be protected from random flying objects. So far, I haven’t seen anything thrown towards the stage. Because of the net, it was challenging to take photos even if we’re situated in the VIP area.

Zach and the Action Pact at Muziklaban - 7
Zach Lucero of Zach and the Action Pact

Amongst the bands that I’ve seen that night that I was not expecting to be included in the list of bands/artists to perform was Zach and the Action Pact. Nevertheless, I enjoyed watching the band since I don’t get to watch their gigs always. 🙂

Cambronero at Muziklaban - 2
Cambronero – 2009 Muziklaban Rock Challenge Finalist from Bacolod

I was only able to take photos of three bands out of all the finalists. The first one is Cambronero, they are from Bacolod. Obviously, their music is highly influenced by Urbandub. Other bands that I was not able to take photos of are Kukumban (from Naga), and 2nd Squad (from Baguio). 2nd Squad took home a special award that night. 🙂

Hatankaru at Muziklaban - 2
Hatankaru – 2009 Muziklaban Rock Challenge Grand Champion

Hatankaru won the Muziklaban Rock Challenge 2009 and took home 500,000 pesos. 😀 They also won two special awards namely, Best Live Act and the Breakthrough Performance Award.

Hoodswhite at Muziklaban - 4
Hoodswhite – 2009 Muziklaban Rock Challenge Finalist from Cagayan de Oro City

One of the finalists that caught my attention was Hoodswhite, a heavy metal band from CDO. They reminded me of KISS because of their face paint and their costume as well. 😀 The vocalist changed his voice while he was talking on-stage.

HardboiledEggz at Muziklaban - 3
HardBoiled Eggz, former Muziklaban Grand Champion

Aside from Gayuma, previous winners of Red Horse Muziklaban that I was able to perform that night was HardBoiled Eggz, Mayonnaise, and Even (2008 Muziklaban Champion).

Mayonnaise at Muziklaban - 4
Mayonnaise, former Muziklaban Grand Champion

Kapatid at Muziklaban - 3
Karl Roy of Kapatid

It has been a long time since I saw Kapatid on-stage. I noticed that Karl Roy has less adrenaline rush on-stage now however, I’m still happy that he’s there rocking the crowd.

Greyhoundz at Muziklaban - 3
Reg Rubio of Greyhoundz

Greyhoundz had a notable performance that evening. Ian Tayao (of Queso) and Jamir (of Slapshock) jammed with Greyhoundz on-stage.

Franco at Muziklaban - 15

Franco is one of the bands that I’ve been waiting to perform that night. It was my first time to see them and I hope to see them in more intimate gigs.

Muziklaban Champion 2009

Congratulations again to Hatankaru for winning the Red Horse Muziklaban Rock Challenge 2009. You really deserved it. 🙂

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