Que Horror

Big FishI just had my vacation at Caticlan and Boracay just last weekend. Tita Raquel requested fish to be served. She was surprised by the fish that has occupied the large platter. As you can see in the picture, the fish has a set of teeth. This is unusual for me since the fish that is usually served does not have any teeth. And to make the picture look scary, I used an angle that deviates from the usual way food are being taken. Someone from Flickr commented that:

That’s why in many countries they make a fillet out of it. They don’t want to see the real creature behind it – those eyes staring at you and teeth that needs a dental brace – only the clean, nice cut piece of meat ready to eat with no bones. And that’s part of the culinary art. But in the Philippines, who cares? — Knoell

And another one mentioned,

True true knoell. the US stores throw away the fish heads. One time, in Maine, a Filipino colleague who was on training for 2 months, was just craving for fish heads (he grew up in a fishing village in Negros Oriental). He asked and was given at least 2lbs of FREE fish heads from the fish butcher in the Maine supermarket he was frequenting. My friend bought a token quarterpounder of flesh and the butcher took with him an amusing conversation tale to regale his American friends. Give and take lang. — Farl

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