Puerto Galera take 2

Enjoying the Puerto Galera Sunset 2

I was with Puerto Galera with Baby and John. Of course, we had so much fun there. 😀 We took the banana boat ride together with Ivan, Billy and Naomi. We fell of twice. Haha. Anyway, beware of the drink Subzero. It tastes like a cough syrup and it is a traitor. Haha.

We stayed at Agbing Resort. There’s aircon but there’s no TV. Who would watch TV in a beach anyway? Thus, 800 bucks a night is already okay for an air-conditioned room. Then, if you have mineral water bottles with you, or a coleman or whatever, there are refilling stations there.

Aside from taking the banana boat ride, you could also try the flying fish. 😀 Of course, try it if you have a bigger budget because it is certainly more expensive than the banana boat ride.

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