Puerto Galera getaway

Sunset in Puerto Galera 2

It was my first time in Puerto Galera and there are lots of people there. We even saw some ABS-CBN crew there with their video camera setup in the middle of the beach. One thing I could conclude about our Puerto Galera trip is that it is the Malate of the beaches.

Food and Beverage
Puerto Galera is famous for the alcoholic beverage known as Mindoro Sling. Its ingredients are rhum, mango juice, grenadine syrup, Sunquick lime, Sunquick orange, Sprite, ice and slices of apple. It is advisable to just buy a pitcher of Mindoro Sling than by glass. Of course, you should also try the Shish kebab there. The best part of eating Shish kebab there is that you could choose which one should they cook for you. 😀

Drinking Water is a Luxury
Like in most beaches, drinking water is sort of a luxury in Puerto Galera. Stores usually sell 500mL mineral water bottles for 20 bucks each. However, I’ve seen a store there where you could refill your 1L bottles for only 10 bucks. 😀

Another fun thing to do in Puerto Galera aside from banana boat ride, kayaking, boating and snorkling is to have a picture of yourself jumping. It’s really fun I tell you. My sister enjoyed having that picture taken. Haha. 😀

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