Post-Earth Hour Special

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This is my first try in podcasting and this show is called “One Track Special Podcast”. The podcast show aims to feature notable OPM and of course, in promoting it as well. The track featured in this podcast is Pupil’s “Disconnection Notice” from their album Wildlife.

Anyway, I was at Ayala Avenue earlier and while I was inside the jeep, I passed by a group of people at the Stock Exchange talking about the Earth Hour. I noticed that the lights were turned off in that area. However, when I passed by the SM covered parking lot/FX Terminal, not all of the lights were turned on like the way it used to be. I guess this is because of security concerns. 🙂

Obviously, not everyone participated in the Earth Hour. All open establishments in Better Living have lights on. I’m just not sure if they’re aware of it or just they ignored it. When I arrived at home, I noticed that the lights were not turned off. I just saw my nephews on the sofa playing PSP. My brother only remembered that the lights was supposed to be turned off at about 15 minutes before the clock strikes 9pm. 😀

So, did you turn off the lights?

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