Paramore Live in Manila: In Photos

Stage setup of Paramore Concert in Manila
Stage setup of the Paramore Concert in Manila

Out of around 80+ photos I have taken during the Paramore concert in Manila, only around 20+ have made it after doing some quality control. 😀 I used a Panasonic Lumix FZ35 in taking the photos. I would not have taken this photos if not for Globe Telecoms. Thank you! 🙂

Globe Tattoo balloon at the Paramore Concert in Manila
Globe Tattoo

Hosts at the Paramore Concert in Manila

Just a few minutes after me, Sha and Winston arrived at the concert grounds, the hosts started introducing the front act, Callalily.

Callalily fronting for Paramore Concert in Manila - 2

Just before their performance some people booed at them.

Paramore Crew picture taking

After Callalily’s performance, we were so excited to see the Paramore crew setting up on-stage. 🙂

Paramore Live in Manila - 1

Seeing Hayley Williams, Justin York (filling in for Josh Farro), Jeremy Davis, Zac Farro and Taylor York on-stage made me excited. They are so good performing live! 🙂 By the way, Faith cropped a photo emphasizing the lower arms of Haley with the words “Kamusta Kayo”. 😀

Paramore Live in Manila - 2

In the above photo, you will notice that Haley’s shirt says “Para- Thrilla in Manila”.

Paramore Live in Manila - 7

I’ll add more photos to this blog post. 😉

If you’re wondering who got Haley’s glasses, check out this photo. 😀

Check out more photos in my Paramore Concert in Manila photo set in Flickr. 🙂

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