Pacquiao won!

Before we watched the TV for the Pacquiao Morales match, there are some people who were texting my brother. One said that Pacquiao lost. Meanwhile, the other one told him that he won. So, we really do not know who to believe. Then, my brother remembered that he has a friend that will watch the Pacquiao-Morales bout at SM Megamall and asked him which of the rumors are true. Well, none was true as of the moment since the match have not started yet. And when I checked out ABS-CBN (who postponed the showing of ASAP just for the boxing game and have made a lot of income today for advertising alone), it was about to start already. Lo and behold, I saw the Pacman with his colorful trousers. Yes, and it’s advertising. Even before the bell rang to signify the start of the game, my brother got a text message from his friend and told him that Pacquiao won at the 10th round. And this is the first time that Morales lost not because of a judicial decision. Congratulations to Manny Pacquiao! And after this, let’s all go back to reality.

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