Our Cold Creek Manor

Our cold creek manor is not located in a nearby creek or anything that would resemble as a jungle or a forest. Instead, it’s right in the heart of Paranaque where water supply has always been a major problem and application of telephone lines would be processed after 48 years. Also, snakes and other pests are considered to be a usual view that we could already put up an Exotic restaurant here where specialties include dishes that include snakes, rats, and centipedes. Life in the cold creek manor has always been a jungle. Being able to live in this cold creek manor should make you pass the ultimate survivor test. Just imagine this, cockroaches climbing up the wall just because a snake that is as long as your arms stretched sideways. Let me also include, rats scrambling on your rooftop because snakes are chasing them. Isn’t that neat? You do not have to go to Manila Zoo or watch the Animal Planet just to see one. You could just see them right in front of your doorsteps or better yet, in your bathroom just right before you take a bath. At summertime, the cold creek manor is at it’s most peaceful phase where they’re just spending time underground and what makes them continue breathing are the burrowed holes just like what I’ve saw in the mountains everytime we go to Laguna. Living in the cold creek manor… Priceless!

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