On Being a Bum and such

It has been a month already and I still do not have a job. What frustrates me more is that my own parents don’t even bother to give me a pat in the back. What they were saying is like a whack on the head to me, just like my friend Bels asked the infamous question in her blog which is,

“A pat in the back or a whack in the head?”

My father keeps me telling me to be like this and like that yadda yadda. While my mother, (volume in nagging mode) was telling me things like,

“Paano ka makakakuha ng trabaho eh hindi ka naman naghahanap?”

I felt so bad because I was accused of not finding for a job. If they only knew what I have been through last week when I had my exam at Eastwood City. They did not know that the MRT that had its fuse blown. They did not know that their daughter could have lost her life just to get a job. I did not tell it to them so that they would not worry that much.

It’s good that my brother, although at times he could really be more strict than my father, would always encourage me. He would always say,

“Okay lang yan. Ako nga January pa ako nagkaroon ng work eh.”

And he was an Octoberian too. I guess maybe the ones that I previously applied for were not really for me. Sometimes, I would just think of it that way, so that I would not get frustrated.

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