Of Battle of the Bands and Covers

I have watched a lot of battle of the bands since I was in high school and although I have not participated as one of the contestants, one would really know which bands really suck and which ones not. This is true especially if the band is doing a cover of a popular rock song. My tolerance for listening to murdered covers are actually high. In fact, I can still stay there and listen to them. However, this is the first time that I walked out of a performance of a band. They did not just murdered the song. They were like murdering it slowly, chopping all the pieces one by one.

They could have done a cover that would match the vocal cords of the lead vocalist so that he would not be trying so hard just to make it look like he’s the vocalist from the original band. The best thing that they should have done is to create another version of that song. One guest band who performed there did a punk version of ‘Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal’ after playing some Simple Plan covers. They could have done of any classic Pinoy song to an emo or a punk version.

One Cover that I Miss Hearing from a band
I was still in college when I first discovered the music of Imago. I’ve been frequenting to their gigs and I miss hearing their version of Madonna’s Crazy for You. Sponge Cola also covered the song in some of their gigs before but I really like Imago’s version.

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