NU107 2004 Rock Awards: Unsilent Night

NU107 2004 Rock Awards

I got my invite the last minute and because I do not want invites to get wasted, I went there despite of the typhoon Yoyong. And even if there was a typhoon, a lot of people still came. I went to the 11th NU107 Rock Awards and comparing it with the last time that I went which was the last time that you do not have to go to Ticketnet to buy tickets that costs over 300 pesos per head, it was more peaceful. The last time I went there, the main entrance of the World Trade Center was shattered because of the gate crashers. Also, I was almost trapped in the mosh pit. In addition to that, it was the year when Diether Ocampo presented an award and was got dissed by some of the audience for calling them jologs. Now, inflated Frenzy condoms were just being thrown into the air. Also, other celebrities that were there are Risa Samson, Reema Changco, Aubrey Miles, and John Lloyd.

The pre-show was fun. They had contests and of course, there were interesting contestants. The first contest was a beer drinking contest. They asked the names of the contestants. And the audience was struck upon hearing the name Farley where Francis Brew even commented that his parents are not nice in giving him such a name. Then, there was another contest where Sun Cellular umbrellas were being given away. There was a girl who apparently got the most embarassing moment of her life. Also, there was a guy in another beer drinking contest that has catched the attention of the crowd. And his name is Bornok for which I do not know if he just gave a name that the crowd would made fun of. Also, there was a contest where three guys would get all the Pepsi stickers on the girl’s shirt. However, the girl was used to get some male contestants. A guy replaced the girl instead because the contestants look like they have never seen a girl like that in their lives. Then, there was a moaning contest. Then, in between the contests that I have mentioned, there were performances by Matilda, Stonefree, Plane Divides the Sky, The Late Isabel and Mayonnaise.

Now, here are the winners for the NU107 2004 Rock Awards:

  • Producer of the year: Sandwich
  • Best Album Packaging: Slapshock
  • Rock video of the Year: Astro by Radioactive Sago Project
  • Drummer of the Year: Vic Mercado of Bamboo
  • Bassist of the Year: Buddy Zabala
  • Guitarist of the Year: Jerome Velasco of The Mongols
  • Vocalist of the Year: Bamboo Manalac
  • Rising Sun Award: Sponge Cola
  • Female Rock Icon: Cynthia Alexander
  • Best New Artist: Orange and Lemons
  • In the Raw Award: The Late Isabel
  • Hall of Fame Award: The Jerks
  • Listeners’ Choice Award: Bamboo
  • Album of the Year: Influence by Urbandub
  • Song of the Year: Noypi by Bamboo
  • Band/Artist of the Year: Bamboo

There were performances by 6cyclemind, Bamboo, Cambio, Chicosci, Ciudad, Kitchie Nadal, Kjwan, Rivermaya, Sandwich, Slapshock, Sugarfree, The Dawn, Tropical Depression with Jr. Kilat and Joey Pepe Smith and also, a special appearance from the UK punk band, The Barbs.

In the middle of the event, Pepe Smith was interviewed and he was asked what is his message to the musicians there. He said,

“Dapat, gumawa sila ng gumawa ng tugtog, magpapogi at mag-rock and roll!”

Also, John Lloyd was also interviewed at the VIP are. Here’s the transcript.

“How are you enjoying the rock awards?”

“The best”

“You’re a man of many words sir.”

“Don’t call me sir, call me boy.”

And the crowd’s favorite line in that event was when Risa Samson called the name of the typhoon Yoyeng instead of Yoyong. Of course, the crowd could not help but repeat the Yoyeng several times.

And if you haven’t gone to even a single NU107 Rock Awards event, you should go next time and I hope that next time, the weather would not be bad.

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