No to Con-Ass

No to Conass!

It was the night were I followed the hashtag on Twitter #conass because I knew they were up to no good passing HR 1109 in just one sitting. Thank you to caffeinesparks for being our eye there. Yesterday, RockEd Philippines held a silent protest at BayWalk. There weren’t a lot of people present there though but it’s a start.

Please visit No to Con-Ass and get your badges and show it off on your blogs. Also, check out the latest 20 tweets on con-ass and keep yourself updated. Please also try to read the proposed charter amendments.

Seriously, this is not the time to be apathetic on this issue. It is something that concerns all of us. And please do remember the people who signed the resolution. If ever there will be an election (because they said that anything can happen…), please do not vote for them.

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