No Inventor Stuff Lately?

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted new Inventor Stuff lately. It’s because that I am currently studying AutoCAD Electrical 2006. AutoCAD Electrical 2006 is based from AutoCAD. It has the command line and the default color of the graphics window is black. They also have projects like that of in Autodesk Inventor. What makes AutoCAD Electrical a more challenging software to learn that Autodesk Inventor is that I have to go back to my notes way back in college so that I could fully appreciate the use of the software. In Autodesk Inventor, I can start my DIY projects right away. But in AutoCAD Electrical, I have to re-learn again what our teacher in Industrial Electronics taught us. Just last night I have taken down notes of things that I wanted to learn in AutoCAD Electrical. You see, I want to make something from scratch. I just learned most of the commands from the Hands On Test Drive. However, I still need the Official Training Courseware for AutoCAD Electrical from Autodesk since I failed in my attempt of searching User Groups of AutoCAD Electrical, and blogs focused on it as well.

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